Josh Duggar and wife Anna take road trip to visit sister Jinger in California

Four years after Josh Duggar‘s sex scandals almost permanently derailed his fundamentalist Christian family’s reality show, the father of five appeared happy and  confident during a family outing in California on Tuesday.  

Josh, his very pregnant wife Anna, along with their five children Mackynzie, 10, Michael, 8, Marcus, 6, Meredith, 4, Mason, 2, took a cross-country road trip in their RV from their home in Tontitown, Arkansas to the San Fernando Valley this week. 

They were joined by parents Jim Bob and Michelle and seven of their 19 children in the 1,500-mile journey to visit sister Jinger.

Jinger, 25, the fourth of the nine Duggar sisters, now lives in LA with husband Jeremy Vuolo and their one-year-old daughter Felicity.  

DailyMailTV photos captured the family reunion which included the Duggars’ day trip to the Autry Museum of The American West to celebrate Josh’s eldest daughter Mackynzie’s birthday.  

Family time: Josh Duggar, 31, and pregnant wife Anna took a road trip to California on Tuesday along with their five children and extended family 

The family celebrated Josh’s eldest daughter Mackynzie’s (right) 10th birthday with a day trip to the Autry Museum of The American West in Los Angeles 

The eldest Duggar son, who has endured his fair share of scandal over the years, appeared confident and happy as he led his family on their travels 

The Duggars posed for a heartwarming family photo outside the museum, which was later posted on Anna’s Instagram 

Josh, 31, is consistently edited out of scenes of the family’s TLC reality show, Counting On, and will not appear in the upcoming season on October 15 – but DailyMailTV has an exclusive look into his new life.

According to a witness, Josh seems particularly close with his father and the two were seen consulting with each other while leading the family in their travels. 

‘They also could be heard discussing the “cool” cars they saw in the parking lot of the museum. Jim Bob even told his wife, “Let me run that by [Josh] and see if it’s okay,”‘ the source told DailyMailTV. 

‘He may not be on their TV show, but in real life, he’s an integral part of their family and it’s obvious Jim Bob relies on him.’

The family caravanned in three separate cars to get to the Autry, and even though Josh was in unfamiliar territory, he led the way. 

‘He let Anna get the strollers out of the SUV and strap the smaller kids in, despite the fact that she’s due to give birth next month. Maybe it’s their usual system, but it did seem odd he didn’t chip in,’ the source added. 

They all gathered together and posed in the courtyard for a photo near the famous bronze statue of Western star Gene Autry singing to his horse, Champion.

A heavily pregnant Anna was photographed leading her youngsters on Tuesday. The mom of five is due to give birth to a daughter next month 

Reunion: Jinger Vuolo (far right) Jim Bob and Michelle’s fourth oldest daughter, joined her extended family on their outing. The 25-year-old now lives in LA with husband Jeremy Vuolo and their one-year-old daughter Felicity

Duggar matriarch Michelle and husband Jim Bob seemed to be in high spirits. Their second oldest son John David (right) 29, was also present and was seen linking arms with his pregnant wife Abbie (right) 27 

Second oldest son John David, 29, who once predicted he would be a ‘bachelor til’ the rapture’ was seen with his pregnant wife Abbie, 27, gently holding her hand as they toured the grounds. 

‘John and Abbie were in their own world, they looked like they wanted to go off and be alone and had to be called to come over and pose for the group photo,’ the source added. 

Eldest daughter Jana, 29, who is single, and her best friend Laura DeMasie, could be seen watching her younger siblings as well as her nieces and nephews.

‘The women in the family watch the smaller children while Jim Bob and Josh seemed to be in charge of the more rambunctious older boys.’

It was a lucky day for the supersized family, who visited the museum during free admission day – saving them $14 per adult and $6 per child. 

Once inside, Jim Bob and Josh followed a pack of the Duggar boys around the various exhibits.

Josh and his family traveled comfortably in a giant RV which was seen parked outside his  Jinger’s home in Los Angeles 

The family is seen getting together for a photo in the courtyard near the famous bronze statue of Western star Gene Autry singing to his horse Champion

The Duggars spent about two hours at the museum before getting some lunch near downtown Los Angeles 

After two hours at the museum, the Duggar caravan went to eat lunch eight miles away at Carnitas Michoacan near downtown Los Angeles.

‘With tacos going for $1.79 and burritos for only $4 they were able to feed their entire crew for under $70 with tip! No wonder Jim Bob is known for watching every penny,’ said our eyewitness.

The Duggars rose to fame from their TLC reality show that premiered in 2008. Their show was nearly derailed in 2015 when Josh was accused of molestation 

The Duggars rose to fame from their TLC reality show that premiered in September of 2008.

Fans tuned in by the millions to see their supersized family observe strict Christian values of purity and waiting for ‘the one God has for you.’

So it came as quite a shock when it was revealed in May 2015 that Josh had sexually molested four of his sisters and a family friend 13 years earlier when he was a teenager.

The family would suffer another scandal just months later when Josh’s name was among those leaked in the ashley madison hack.  

The dating service was marketed for married people who were looking to have a secret affair. 

Josh’s ‘preferences’ according to his profile, included ‘conventional sex, experimenting with sex toys, one-night stands, sensual massage, bubble bath for 2, someone who can teach me, kissing, cuddling & hugging, sharing fantasies, and sex talk.’

After admitting to living a double life, Josh spent six months in the faith based Reformers Unanimous rehab center in Rockville, Illinois, before reuniting with his family in 2016.

‘It’s like a chapter out of the Bible,’ the source said.

‘The Prodigal Son has returned, and while he’s not been welcomed back by the TV viewers, his father and family have accepted him with open arms.’ 

TLC’s Counting On, a spinoff of 19 Kids and Counting, documents the lives of the Duggar daughters. Josh has been edited out of the show 


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